Society and Culture

The definition of a society can be explained with the following terms: A society is a collection of people participating in constant social interaction, with shared social space or geographical territory, typically based on the same social norms and established political order. A culture is the common language, norms, and values that the members of a community to utilize in relation to their interaction. A society and a culture are very closely linked to each other and they have profound effects on the lives of all the members of that community.

There are many different types of societies and cultures. There are rural and urban societies, traditional and progressive cultures, Northern, and Southern societies, and free and liberated societies. Urbanization has brought many changes in the definition of what a society looks like today. These changes occur for the better and sometimes significantly, such as the urban schools in China and India, the differences in how women are treated in the two countries, and the various cultures of the South and the North.

A society can be multicultural in nature, in which there are significant differences between different cultures. Urbanization has also caused significant differences in the definition of what a society looks like today in the various nations of the world. Some nations view the societies of the North as backward, while others view the societies of the South as progressive. The definitions of societies and the cultures of the world are constantly changing as new frontiers are opened by rapid modernization.

Within any country there are two ways people define a society. One way is through their personal experiences and the other way is through the shared experience of the majority in that country. For instance, in America, a lot of people believe that they live in a capitalist society. They share this belief, because it is more common in America than in any other country in the world. On the other hand, the people of India would say that they live in a communally communistic society.

In terms of the definition of the society, people usually talk about the values that permeate the society. The society is considered to be a community where people from all walks of life, religions, and backgrounds live together in harmony. This harmony is manifested in the way people interact and develop their individual cultures. There are usually a common culture and values, even though these cultures are not necessarily recognized as such by the members of the society. Examples of common culture include English, Western European culture, Chinese civilization, and, of course, the Indian society.

The extent of development and change in the shared cultural values varies from country to country and within a particular society. A society may have very similar values but are culturally very different. In other words, a common culture does not mean that there is one universal value, but rather it means that the societies share certain values that are common across the societies. Therefore, it can be concluded that a society has a common cultural heritage but it is also a multicultural society which has different cultures.

Culture is also a set of social behaviors that we follow in the society. It is defined by scholars as “a complex of cultural practices that have been developed over time and that are based on beliefs, attitudes, and values that people, groups of people, or community develop to promote their own development as a unique civilization”. There is no one society that defines the cultural practices. Instead, each society constructs its own cultural norms as a result of the historical experiences that it has had. A society’s interpretation of its past is largely based on oral traditions. These customs give us a glimpse into the society’s history and identify it as a cultural continuum.

Another important concept in defining the society is the difference between culture and civilization. A society can be described as a complex of groups that develop cultural interaction. Thus, culture refers to the act of interaction and socialization between the members of a society. A society has a cultural tradition. This tradition is manifested through a social interaction or a cultural exchange among its members. The definition of a culture refers to the act of living in a particular society and the shared social interaction that each person shares with other members of that society.

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