Okay, Google: Find AI’s Taking Over the Smartphone Realm

Ten years ago, we were in awe as one of the most celebrated breakthroughs in technology was unveiled: Google introduced voice-activated commands for searching. How far have we come since then? It is evident that technology is constantly evolving, and to our advantage. The benefits technology offers mankind is boundless: it has made our lives better by making almost complex tasks simpler.

When smartphones started making waves, they were all the rage. I remember in 2007, when the world saw the first iPhone, it was everything I wanted to get my hands on. Of course, it was worth a fortune- a staggering $599. No one spent that much on a mobile device, but I wanted it so bad I began to weigh my options: I could rob a bank, work my ass off 24 hours a day for a few months, or I could try getting a loan. Of course, I didn’t get my hands on one, as none of the options seemed feasible at the time.

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Since then, society has made smartphones a status symbol, and sadly so. We spend more money than we have to get our hands on the latest smartphones only to find ourselves never content and wanting to upgrade the very next day. Financial constraints never seem to bother us, with some of us turning to the best money lender Singapore has, or whichever part of the world we’re in.

Licensed loan companies across the globe like A1Credit have been offering secure financial aid to help loosen our financial constraints while allowing us to gain more control. And by financial aid, I mean they can offer $3,000 to over $120,000 depending on your income, with low interest rates. Just wanting to upgrade your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone? They’ve got you covered. Had I heard about them back when I badly wanted that iPhone, I wouldn’t have had second thoughts. But then again, it’s all in the past now.

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Loan companies exist, and thankfully so, to let us enjoy the fruits of our hours and hours of labor, whether we’re thinking of indulging in the latest gadgets, travelling to different parts of the world, or to assist us in medical emergencies and what-not.

Why the smartphone craze, you ask? At first, it was the Internet, followed by the interface. It was easier to access and receive mail, and you could take your music with you virtually anywhere! Tell me anyone who didn’t drool over those ten years ago. Now these features have become default features any smartphone is expected to have.

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One fine day, the developers of the biggest names in technology might have thought, ‘Man, our smartphones are becoming mundane, even with all the new apps.’ Coming up with innovative ideas may not be new to them, but one day someone just thought of re-creating Google’s voice recognition and turning it into artificial intelligence- our personal assistant who lives within the circuits of our smartphones, but can be commanded to do a multitude of tasks.

I’ve listed the smartphones that have since kept up with the public’s support for artificial intelligence and believed in its potentials:


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Apple’s baby, Siri was born in California in February of 2010, and has paved the way for its counterparts’ births in the later years after it was acquired by Apple in 2011, and its beta version was introduced as part of the iPhone 4S. Siri has gone through tons of updates to make ‘her’ more efficient than ever. OSX shows us in an article how Siri can read you podcasts. Most iPhone users can ask Siri to search the web for anything, play a song, set alarms and reminders, find restaurants and theatres nearby, and even answer mathematical equations, among others.


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High-end Samsung smartphones are now equipped with a personal assistant named Bixby. Much like Siri, Bixby makes tasks easier, and since Samsung is planning on integrating Bixby in its other products such as smart TV’s, refrigerators, and washing machines, among others, it can take multitasking at home to a whole new level. Read this article from Pocket Lint for an in-depth review and explanation of Bixby’s features. Bixby is preceded by Android’s super advanced Google Assistant.


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Yet to be named, LG is preparing to launch their first ever artificial intelligence in two platforms: Vision AI and Voice AI for both image and voice recognition- something Apple and Samsung will be swooning over in the coming months. Some of the features LG’s AI introduced are cover camera commands (yeah, like command it to take a selfie video in different angles), provide you suggestions in forms of shopping links for objects you took photos of.

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