May We Have Your Attention, Please? Trending Footwear for This Year’s Coachella Festival

Another most awaited annual music festival is happening soon. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, more popularly known as Coachella, will be streaming the headlines this year once again. Some of the biggest names in the music industry will be gathering for the much awaited event happening at the Empire Polo Club in California. Know more about this year’s Coachella event in this blog.

Well, obviously, thousands of people will be attending for the said event to celebrate the music festivity. Coachella isn’t just about music and art happening at the festival, though, because when we say Coachella, we think of it as one of the most faddish events of the year, too.

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For a start, Coachella is a festival where creative fashion that range from the trendiest bags, dresses, footwear and more is also showcased. Though Coachella is not a fashion show, displaying your creativity in music and art-inspired fashion during the event has been radical for the most part.

Going to this long and fun event can be overwhelming and can sometimes compromise your level of participation, thus, comfort is imperative with what you’re wearing- especially with your footwear.

Athleisure shoes are becoming a hit with today’s top fashion icons and trendy individuals, while flip flops made waves in the fashion industry decades ago but are still a big part of it up to the present. Everyone just fell in love with them and have been loving them still.

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The best thing about flip flops is the level of comfort they offer, not to mention the flexibility in mixing and matching because of thousands of designs to choose from, and the convenience in taking them anywhere, making them the favourite go-to footwear for beach vacations, lazy Sunday window shopping, or backyard and pool parties with friends and family.

We’ve listed down the trendiest and most comfortable footwear in the market today and let’s see if flip flops have still made the cut this 2018.

Slip-on Sneakers

Like Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Slip-ons, this classic footwear will compliment that sundress or denim short you’re planning to wear. Ranked number 4 in Rank & Style  online magazine, the versatility of slip-on sneakers can go well with smart casual, sporty, and trendy looks.


Cowboy Boots

Most Coachella attendees, regular or not, are mostly seen sporting Cowboy Boots. This may be because these boots go perfectly well with Bohemia-inspired outfits. Cowboy boots can also sum up the outfit if you’re trying to strike a badass punk star look- simply match a pair with ripped jeans, a cool tee, a bandana, and don’t forget those wayfarer sunglasses to pull off the look.

Flip flops and Sandals

Ah, the comfiest of them all! Durability and style combined in these fabulous pieces. If you are planning to sport a relaxing outfit to Coachella, why not pair it with one of the slim designs from Havaianas, for example? Flip flops are essential items because anyone can wear them absolutely and virtually anywhere.

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Don’t worry about not finding the perfect design to go with your outfit as there are online shopping sites such as Flop Store that offer great Havaianas sale deals and flexibility with hundreds of design options, and you can also have them delivered straight to your doorstep. Flop Store has over 24 global locations so you’re guaranteed to find one should you change your mind about the design you chose.


You can simply never go wrong with these awesome flats. They’re flexible to wear and are stylish on their own. Made with fabric cotton or canvas, espadrilles offer a great selection of choices so you can surely pick out the perfect pair for you.

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Wear them with a pair of knicker pants or chino shorts for men. Not into flats? No problem! Espadrilles are also available with heels, but with the same causal-look effect. Find out more about these stylish espadrilles from the most popular brand and see for yourself.


Whichever footwear you prefer to wear on any event, remember to never compromise comfort on account of style. At the end of the day, the only thing that will matter the most is the satisfaction you’re left with after a long day. Visit fashion websites and learn how you can play around with styles to match that footwear you’re eyeing, and wear them with confidence. You don’t even have to spend much to look stylish and fab- all you need is a mix of imagination and creativity. Add accessories to complement your overall look and presto! You’re ready to hit the limelight.

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