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tila-tequila-emag-1024x664   Dear Everyone, This has been one unforgettable journey and I am thankful to have had you all by my side throughout all of the ups & downs in life, but there comes a point in time when enough is enough. I've tried my best to wake people up or maybe even have them learn from my own mistakes so that they do not follow them, but I have realized that nobody can wake themselves up but their own selves. Until then, I am done feeding the shills and trolls. They have yet to learn and understand what LOVE means and that LOVE is the TRUE answer to ALL! With that being said I hope that you all take some time out to understand how precious life is and how quickly it all passes. If you want to help the world become a better place than get out there and start taking action in real life because virtual reality online drama can only take you so far until you realize it's actually doing more harm than good and that's when you need to know when to unplug. Those who keep on going until they spiral out of control and totally get suckered in will be their own faults and I do not want to lead anyone down the wrong path because although I am not perfect and yes, I do make plenty of mistakes... I have the power within me to know when enough is enough and right now... it's about that time! hehe... In the meanwhile I have decided to take a little break from blogging to enjoy the real world and help and love people in life that matters. Until then I hope you all feel my love for you as well and take it with you everywhere you go. Maybe I'll return online some day.. maybe I won't. Who knows? But for now... I know that I must pull the plug on all of this online drama as that is the last thing I want from people is everyone bickering. I hope you will understand one day why I had to do this and that I do have the best intentions for everyone to live a happy and loving life. All the best! I'll come back after the storm has calmed... maybe... hehe... keep on keepin on Warriors! Love Always, Miss Tila

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