Dear Diary: I Hope Nobody Reads This

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I feel like I may be the last real human being left on this planet.  I look around and notice how everyone is like a robot.  I feel like I am an alien to this robot world.   Speaking of aliens, I wonder if anyone knows that the internet has some alien codings in it?  I also wonder if anyone knows that there’s this crazy story about how this demon accidentally trapped itself inside of the internet also?

I wonder what people would say if I told them this?  Hmmm..  I don’t  think that’s a very good idea to telll anyone about half of the shit I know.

I also wonder if people know about how some of the first Gods who created some humans also left already a long time ago?  They were actually just galactic travelers and came here to create some humans, but then these humans started to worship them and they felt kinda wierd about it so they left and never came back.

I guess that’s when a bunch of other invaders came in too and just started messing around here on earth and experimented with all types of DNA combinations to try to create the perfect “man.”   I wonder if anyone knows that there were at least a handful of different beings who took a part in creating the humans also?  Gosh… I better just keep this stuff to myself.  

What’s the point of trying to talk to zombies or robots anyway?  It’s so sad that everyone seems to have lost ALL memory and free will usage of their brain.  I feel like all they are now are a bunch of information gatherers and now their brains have totally become just a blob of useless ….blob.  LOL because a blog is a blog but a brain that still has vivid imageries, active daily productive usage so to keep the brain in constant energy movement and creations.  I feel so alone sometimes because I feel like true visionairies and free thinkers such as myself have all but gone extinct.

What happened next??

100 most beautiful people

I wonder what my people at Sirius B are up to?  They wer smart to leave too. I shoulda left with them.  I also find it so interesting how certain ancient cultures are very well known and talked about, but some of the most sacred ancient cultures… are still very much kept a secret.

Well I guess that’s cool because who would want to be infected by the human parasite disease?  I sure as hell wouldn’t want that for my people either.    Thank God we know ow to speak to each other telepathically.  I wonder which timeline and parallel world will win?  Ehhh… I don’t even care anymore.  I feel like everyone has severly just lost their souls and have just become robots who just collect data.

Thank God I am always able to leave the Earth anytime I want through the  stargates and portals that i create.  Teleportation is real and people still think you need some type of super advanced alien technology for that… but they’re so wrong. LOL  I wonder what the y would say if I told them this?  Ehhh… don’t bother.  

Buut what really irks me about some of these humans… is the fact that how come they can’t just enjoy a good ‘ol debate on fascinating topics as opposed to just being so linear in their ways of thinking.  It’s always “YEAH RIGHT YOU ARE LYYING!” – or “PROVE IT!” – I mean god damn… what happened to actually having fun conversations and debates about uncovering the mysteries of life?  what the fuck is wrong with these people??  Oh man… it’s just too bad because I think if they had a more open mind or if they weren’t already dead… these conversations would really entertain them and take them to higher realms they never thought possible.

Sometimes when I dream for them… I feel so good inside because I wish they coould all feel the joy I feel.. but then I snap back into this world and realize… who am I kidding?  *SIGHS*  So diary… I guess it’s just me and you now.  


At least YOU understand me and you’re open minded… especially since you’re also an alien in there…. but oh gosh… yeah don’t tell the humans about that.. .they will SERIOUSLY think I’m crazy…. but in a way sometimes they do make me laugh because it’s just so absurd to me.  Like… I have this 600 page book that shows you exactly how humans were created and what DNA mixtures were used and what the outcome of certain mixes crated, but oh well it’s too bad they don’t know how to use their right brains or 3rd eye anymore.

I suppose its not their fault entirely since their 3rd eyes is most likely totally fucked beyond repair.   Anyway Diary.. thanks for listening to me tonight, and yea I know… I know… some people will never learn and yeah I do miss my steed too when I was a Valkyrie in one of my past lives.

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God I’m such a badass bitch…. if only they knew what i used to do in my past lives… hahaha!  Ehhh but nah don’t tell them…. just… love the humans for whatever they have turned into.  Some of them are quite ok actually.   Ok well… headed back to Sirius B now.  Good Night.

Final Thoughts:

oh and PS- If they only knew  that Derek Price, Avalon Professor of the History of Science at Yale University, had discovered the true nature of the now famous mechanical computer of approxi- mately 100 B.C. found in the Anti-Kythera shipwreck at the turn of the century and unappreciated until it was dropped on the floor in Athens, cracked open and they saw what it was. He also had found traces of Babylonian mathematics in New Guinea and talked a lot about ‘the Raffles shipwreck’.  – gosh… so much they’re missing out on.

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