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So you want to talk about hypocrisy?  Ok then let us talk about hypocrisy.  First of all how many times has facebookbanned me by now?  They have banned me a total of 8 times!  For nothing except for maybe the fact that they are owned by the ZIONISTS!

So I find it quite absurd that jewbook bans me for yet another 30 days then warns me that they will delete my page totally if I do not “FOLLOW THEIR RULES AND BE A GOOD GOYIM!” –  Jewbook bans me constantly for nothing yet I CONSTANTLY see other profiles posting PO*N, and saying much worse things on their pages like “NIGGER” and “FAGGOT” and they even have people posting up pictures on my jewbook page posting racial slurs against other people as well as numerous threats to kill me!  Yet,  do you see them get banned?  NOPE!

The Real Truth



But the second I write a blog about how I sympathize with Hitler, I immediately get banned for 30 days AND they have removed majority of my posts.  So now their  jewbook shills and other mainstream media news outlets, which has now spread like wildfire, are saying that I deleted my posts!!!!  I smell something fishy and it’s coming from jewbook shills!

Do you think I would EVER delete anything I post in fear of someone hating me for my freedom of speech, opinions, and truths?  NEVER!

 I will NEVER BOW DOWN TO THE OPPOSITION NWO ASSHOLES!  Those of you who are afraid to speak out against them… DO NOT BE!  Here are some screen shots so you know who is doing this….. of course… the Khazar Jew Shills!  That is who and these are the SAME PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO USHER IN THE NWO!!!!!!!  STAND UP AND FIGHT!!!!!!!  FEAR THEM NOT LIKE THEY FEAR ME, THE FUCKING SAMURAI!





PS- again this is not about the Jewish people as I have stated time and time again.  This is about the FAKEJEWS! THE KHAZARS & THE ZIONIST NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!!  DOWN WITH THE NEW WORLD ORDER & THEIR ZIONIST SHILLS!!!  Please continue to spread the word of TRUTH as all of you have done so gracefully!  The truth movement SHALL PREVAIL!!!!!  HEIL HITILA!

Yours Truly,

Miss Tila Tequila Hitila


and this video below.. omg… LOLLL my sides… my sides.. so funny hilarious!!!! AAHAHHA! HEIL HITILA!

Dear Diary: The True Story of My Epic Life Battle in 3 Minutes!

Dear Diary,

This is the most epic depiction and true story of my life told to you in about 3 short minutes!  Fucking sweet! This mini short film is literally based off of my real life.

I literally battled real agents just like this in the 3D realm, but I also battled 3 reptilians or beasts in 4D realm last year in December!!  I killed all of them and then I flew back up into my council.  It was so strange because at that time I had no idea what was happening to me.  All I knew was that it was all real.

What you looked up??

100 most beautiful people

I looked up into the sky and a portal of light opened up!  It was a circle and there were a bunch of Angels looking down on me, watching my battle.  Then I flew up there to be with them and then it continues…. ’til this very day.  Oh, except for the reptilians.  After I slained 3 of them last year they have stopped bothering me.

They DID however, ask me to join their team before the battle began.  Of course I politely apologized before I turned down the deal and then BAM MOTHERFUCKER!  The battle began!  It was only me against all 3 of them!  It was epic!  I was blasting out sonic booms all over the damn Universe!

It sounded like SUPER LOUD drums or marching band noises echoing out in space!  I don’t know how else to describe it in this 3D language but that’s what it sounded like.  I finally killed them, and then right after that I had to perform at a live concert at one of my shows on tour in Germany at that time. In between this let’s listen to New Tila Tequila Music: It’s Going Down!! (MUST HEAR)

I remember I was so tired from the battle that I was about to faint.  I felt like I was literally about to die because the battle drained all of my energy, but I knew I could not let down my fans.  I knew I could not cancel.


I almost wanted to cry, but instead…  just like the Warrior that I am… I picked my ass up, threw on a sexy red dress, and rocked the motherfucking house down and everyone loved it, of course!  Little did they know though, that right before my performance, I had literally just come back from a massive space battle with 3 reptilians!  *SIGH*  Life is fucking amazing….

when you’re a Warrior, that is.  hehe.  Oh, and as for those agents on 3D earth… I fucking kicked all of their asses too!  All of them!  I kicked their asses so bad that some of them actually became my greatest allies!  ”If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” – That’s exactly what they did.  I am a force to be reckoned with!  They know it too, but there is truce now between us so we’re good.  Just as long as they keep their end of the deal…. or else…… *Giggles*  *Flys Away*


New Tila Tequila Music : It’s Going Down!! (MUST HEAR)

New Tila Tequila Music!  

There is a GOD! hahhaa! jk I just wrote this in my room in 3 minutes and of course I hope you enjoy!

It is satire so don’t get your panties in a bunch! Please make this go viral asap!!! TRUTH WARRIORS FOR LIFE!!!! LOVE YOU!!  Make this shit go viral… I’m the only person in the “Industry” that gives everything away FOR FREE! Keep spreading the TRUTH BABY! HAAAA!


The Queen

Worth Reading Article: The story of backlash: The Consequences of the Shifting 9/11 Paradigm (No More Lies)



Everytime you hear my name it’s going down, goin down X 4
Feeding yo mind with GMOS
while givin yo babies flo flo
not flo rida but flo ride
that shit that burns yo third eye

Jewluminati motherfuckers hate me
Oh no they don’t wanna date me
Nor you nor you nor you too
Worldwide Genocide blame it on the jews

So now they call me a nazi
no bitch I’m just good at yhatzee
Espionage is my middle name HA!
I got you good while rolling through yo hood

Hitler no Hi Tila
Hitler no Hit Tila
Hitler No Hi Tila

Same shit…


HAHAHAHAH!  Please make it viral! Just Satire baby! :D

The Consequences of the Shifting 9/11 Paradigm (No More Lies)

World Trade Center Attacked

NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 11: Hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston crashes into the south tower of the World Trade Center and explodes at 9:03 a.m. on September 11, 2001 in New York City. The crash of two airliners hijacked by terrorists loyal to al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and subsequent collapse of the twin towers killed some 2,800 people. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

“9/11 jokes are the best because the punchline is the retards who still believe the official story.” – me

If you are reading on this website, you are probably already aware that the official story behind 9/11 is absolute garbage.

But don’t take my word for it, take internationally recognized experts from all sorts of fields who spend all day talking about how the story told to the world is crap opinions.

Though if you notice that 9/11 and other lies were used to get America into Iraq, which was always a part of some much greater plan, you’d realize that expecting the Bush administration not to lie over something like 9/11 is laughable.

A Major Attack:

American citizens are waking up to 9/11 (and other things), as evidence in how popular 9/11 documentaries who disagree with the official story are on Television. Knowing that the official 9/11 story is bullshit is a slippery slope into the red pill that reality is a matrix argument to test you, but more tangibly, we exist in a world of lies that can be smashed.

Must Read: Sympathize with Hittler Part-1

From knowing the truth to 9/11 can lead us to know other important truths, ranging from WW2 and the existence of magic. What is funny is people are willing to accept there might be more to reality than what is presented to them, but never with magic. It is sad that many won’t accept this last red pill, especially if you are a member of the Abrahamic tradition. Anyway, the breaking point of the lies of the Kali Yuga will come to an end soon.

I am glad the enemies of humanity were dumb enough to do something overt as 9/11, it goes to show that they are not as smart as they pretend they are. The fact they chose such a big target instead of smaller things like lying about Assad and the August 21st chemical weapons attack demonstrates that the leadership of the enemy have their minds clouded by the effects of the Kali Yuga. Their grip on power is coming to an end.

A tight grip signifies weakness and they are trying to vice-grip the life out of all resistance for they are gasping for air.

So what then? Indeed what then. I am not sure what will define our epoch more: 9/11 and its consequences or Fukushima and its consequences. I believe they will be important in their own ways, but when the 9/11 paradigm shift happens, there is going to be serious and violent backlash.

The story of backlash:

World Trade Center Attacked

NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 11: Hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston crashes into the south tower of the World Trade Center and explodes at 9:03 a.m. on September 11, 2001 in New York City. The crash of two airliners hijacked by terrorists loyal to al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and subsequent collapse of the twin towers killed some 2,800 people. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

What kind of backlash? First, a lot of people like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, etc. are going to be lynched as they properly merit it. Second, other mainstream politicians will become marginalized because they: were complicit in the lies; ignorant; or too cowardly to speak up when evil acted and lied.

No one likes shills, retards, and no one can stand a coward. 9/11 has provided an opportunity for a complete house cleaning of the bureaucratic establishment because no luciferians should be allowed to remain in government, and fools and cowards deserve no authority over their betters.

I think this is an opportunity for the house cleaning (and other things) to restore America to it’s proper place as a Libertarian Imperium.

But before a return to that, the masses are changing–mankind is improving itself. America is disillusioned against the lies and bullshit from Liars-in-Chief like Bush and Obama and how the system forces us to participate in it for fear of alienation for speaking the truth.

Others are seeing this transition away from “mainstream politicians,” but this is not fast enough. I hope this shift in the 9/11 paradigm comes out before or during the 2016 elections as that would be lulzy. But hope isn’t enough, we need this change to happen!

The sooner the better because the liars and fools in charge are clearly dinosaurs incapable with addressing reality in a meaningful manner. Instead they would rather work on maintaining such a wicked and corrupt system instead of fixing it for us. For example, look at Obama and Obamacare–what a fucking joke both have become. Obama is likely to become impeached cause he is a incompetent lying asshole and everyone sees this now.

Remember when Obama almost started WW3 because he didn’t want to look like a fool so fell for an obvious provocation by Al-Nusra/Al-Qaeda to get the United States in an armed intervention in Syria? I bet you do.

Also what about the entire intelligence apparatus not seeing how obvious this was? Fucking retards trying to hid how embarrassing their line of work is, too bad they aren’t going to get off this ride until they are physically removed from it.

Arguments like this and others are how the future mainstream politicians are going to get wrecked by political opponents who aren’t retards, cowards, or shills. But before that can happen, we need to tip the scale in our favor.

Tila and I are certainly doing our part in this struggle, but what about you? What have you done? While we already have pieces for how to revolution properly, we will continue to post more, but once you get a new person in the slippery slope that is the red pill, that person has broken free from the lies. Truth is infectious, so why not become a bioweapon against the lies?

Just remember this: once you know the quality of the enemy and their numbers, as well as you have allies, the enemy is not that scary for the Jews fear the Samurai.

Updated: new relevant story relating  to 9/11: http://www.ibtimes.com/911-link-saudi-arabia-topic-28-redacted-pages-government-report-congressmen-push-release-1501202

Why I Sympathize With Hitler Part 1: True History Unveiled

Why I Sympathize With Hitler Part 1: True History Unveiled

If a picture is worth a thousand words….then a censored picture must be worth 10,000 censored words. Adolf Hitler was the most photographed man of his time, and yet, the only images we ever see of him portray him negatively – usually delivering an impassioned speech.

As the story goes the victor is the one who gets to write how history is played out, and seeing how Hitler lost the war you should at least know that what has been told to us by the media has not been truthful.

I am not going to sit here and say that I hate Jewish people because that is not the case nor is this about Jews.  It is about Hitler and his side of the story that was never told since he was not the victor. However, those of you with a closed mind can think I am being anti-semite all you want because I already told you that I am not, nor will I repeat myself again.

I, just like you, used to view Hitler as an atrocious monster!  How could such EVIL exist in this world?  As a matter of fact I even made a youtube video a while back showing sympathy for the prisoners of war during WW2 so you cannot say that I am a racist nor anti-semite.

Keep Reading…

I was merely brainwashed just like all of you have been.  Sure of course there will always be casualties of war and those of you who oppose my views or want to say hateful things about me for sympathizing with Hitler need to realize just how deep this fucked up propaganda goes in attempts to cover up the true historical facts that took place.

Below: Meeting with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.



For those of you who who focus on the victims of war well that is just part of war.  What do you think war is about? People DIE in wars that is why I am against wars.

They solve nothing!  Even my own Grandparents were prisoners of war during the Vietnam War!  They were imprisoned and tortured for a year until they finally died and were thrown into the ocean never to be found again leaving their 9 young children behind all under the age of 18, and 2 of which died also during the war, but do you see me constantly focusing on that? Or bringing up some bullshit brainwashing media machine if they wanted to focus on all of the horrible deaths and tortures that my people also went through during the Vietnam War?  Agent Orange anyone?

Not to mention a billion other horror stories but do you see any of my people complain or whine about that?  No.  We are strong peoples and we move on from the past, and we love America STILL after all that has happened.  When we see the “White Man” we do not think and point our fingers screaming “HOLOCAUST!” or “NAZI!!!!!”  I understand the Jewish people went through some shit too, but hey guess what?? SO DID THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE WHO SUFFERED IN EVERY SINGLE WAR THST TOOK PLACE!  You were NOT the only ones!  So please, if the rest of us can forgive and forget maybe it’s time you do also!!!


A Big Lie

Now I would like to get back to telling Hitler’s side of the story and why my change of heart for him and my sympathy and compassion.  When I woke up to the truth in this world filled with lies, and dug a little deeper into the true stories behind what really happened during WWII it just brought me to tears.  It brought me to tears because here was a so called “MONSTER” that I used to hate.  Why?  Because the media told me to hate him.  Because I watched a million movies about what a devil he was and all of the horrible things he did.

It brought me to tears because I used to think all of those horrible things about him until I learned the truth about the war and what Hitler truly did and he was not a bad person as they have painted him out to be.  Not even close!!!  I cry because my heart feels ….. broken.  Here is a man who was not a coward, stood up for his country in a DESPERATE TIME OF NEED (unlike all of our cowardly leaders), and yet not only did he try his best to help his country and people get out of what was a time of depression, economic collapse, high unemployment, amongst many other things… he lost the war AND was painted out to be a monster after his death.

You are seeing this article on Anonymoustruthblog , This is what breaks my heart.  Especially now that I know the truth.  I am a warrior of truth and anyone who is about corruption is my enemy. Simple as that.  This true story about what REALLY happened in WWII is going to be a long one because there is a lot to uncover so I will do this as a blog series until I manage to get it covered the best that I can.



Those of you who know me or have been following my work for a long time you know that I have a good heart, good intentions, no ulterior motives, and I work for no one, but GOD and again this is why everything I do is FOR FREE!

With that being said I just want to say that did any of you know that Adolf Hitler actually OFFERED A PEACE TREATY TO END THE WAR BUT THE US PRESIDENT AT THAT TIME  FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT REFUSED HITLER’S PEACE OFFER???

YES IT IS TRUE! Are you actually surprised considering the United States of America has grasped at the chance at EVERY WAR POSSIBLE???   Hitler was a good man and it takes some fucking balls for someone to say this out loud this day and age, especially for a public figure like myself, but you know what?

SOMEONE NEEDS TO SPEAK THE TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR!  Otherwise the dark cabal who currently control the world and all of the world bankers will continue to feed you their lies, feed off your emotions, take advantage of your emotions and will continue to keep you THEIR SLAVE!




It is known that “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!” – well do you want to be free or not?  Then when will you finally accept the truth and let go of all the lies you have been force fed by the NWO ENEMIES????  Smh…..


There is much, much, much more to Hitler’s side of the story that has been buried so I will continue the PART 2 of it next time.  For now here are a FEW of MANY inspiring speeches Hitler did that shows his TRUE COLORS as a man of compassion and not some evil monster he was painted out to be.

All he wanted to bring his people and country back up.  Just like how AMERICA IS FALLING AT THE MOMENT YET I DO NOT SEE ANYONE IN OFFICE *AHEM* THAT IS BRAVE ENOUGH TO SAVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE LIKE HITLER WAS WILLING TO SAVE THE GERMAN PEOPLE!  You know why? Because all of the American Politicians have been INFILTRATED by the enemies.

The same ones who have painted Adolf Hitler out to be a so called “MONSTER.”   Hitler never wanted a worldwide genocide.  That is the biggest lie ever nor did he want the genocide of all the jewish people.  All he wanted was to be able to feed his people from the depression, defend his country from being attacked unfairly, and they claimed the war and harassed him and his people first…. I bet you didn’t know about THAT now did you?

And if you watch some of these speeches I have attached you will see that a lot of what he describes sounds EXACTLY like what AMERICA is going through right now….. Yet, do you see our President trying to save our Country here as Hitler tried to save his?  NOPE!!!  They cheated and played Hitler so bad…. I feel extremely compassionate and sympathy for the man with a ruined legacy as well as a forever condemned great people of Germany!  They are some of the NICEST people I have ever met and that is the truth!!!! Oh yeah… Hitler was also a Vegetarian and HUGE animal lover… what a monster!

In closing, I would like to point out that EVERY WAR IS BAD!  War KILLS!  That is that!   People die for nothing and get sent back as a bunch of dead corpses.  Nobody wins in wars.

To be continued for a lot more in Part 2 & 3 coming soon so stay tuned…….

I wish some of our “PRESIDENTS” could have made passionate and genuine speeches such as this one below.

God knows Americans sure do need a TRUE HERO right now but as long as we are still living in a nation that is still stuffing their faces with GMO, Still asleep watching crap TV, still getting brainwashed by media, still being poisoned and not giving a fuck.  I highly doubt any President here would give a fuck about saving our country either.  ONLY WE CAN SAVE OURSELVES NOW OR BRING IN A NEW LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I should just run for office for fucks sake!